Kenshi мод на аниме прически

Kenshi мод на аниме прически

Adds an outfit inspired of A2 from Nier Automata (part of the outfit). Only uses shirt slot. Can be searched after clothing, and can be crafted at clothing bench.

I do not own any of.

It’s sort of alive.
They are legion now.

Just adds some ears for cat lovers :).

Custom start added to test them, search available once clothing is unlocked. Craftable at clothing workbench.

Adds a new race, the dojutsu weilders.
Available :
Sharingan (3 tomoe)

Added a selector BP (free) to people selling crossbows. Enables a campfire to craft (free also) the selectors for shuriken, chakram or kunai.

They are also available if you had one of default start (or if they were using the default research existin.

Add Matchlock, Ammo, Blueprints,

Free integration into yours MODS

This Mod is based on Nanogiraffe’s Custom Banners Mod:

All kudos for Nanogiraffe for this mod!

All Banners can be in normal or in worn. Research at lvl 2. Costs are 1 Building Materi.

Research Level 1 [Storage Boxes: Foods]

Enable Building
Food Storages

Research Level 3 [Ration Pack]

Enable item
Ration Pack

Research Level 3 [Onigiri]

Enable item

Research Level 4 [Bento]

Add a new unique sword from manga/anime Berserk.

From a conversation with one of the tech hunters you have learned about the mysterious mercenary recently arrived in the World End tavern. He also noted that the merc bear an unusual sword, perhaps you sh.

Gives you access to two new tasty recipies using the Beak Thing Egg.

High nutrition foods due to the size and risk of obtaining the eggs.

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Adds tattoo research and crafting

Tattoos act as clothing and go into the shirt slot.

Effects :
— +3 to Martial arts
— 1.2x multiplier to combat speed
— 1.2x multiplier to dodge

Can be researched and ‘crafted’ at the tattoo bench fou.

Adding a tasty small sized snack made from Greenfruit. Goes great with Sake.

In a handy 2X1 vertical size, so you can fill in those gaps.

Low nutrition and higher value due to size, weight and abundance of Greenfuit.

1 Greenfruit should make 3 Tsu.

adds 7 types VOICEROID’s hairstyle.
It is for women of Greenlander and Scorchlander, but it can be used by men.


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