Koikatu моды на прически

MMD Koikatsu Back Hair Download

Have rig,physics and bones too (but maybe glitchy)

Ripped from Koikatsu/Koikatu so credit ILLUSION and me for work too

i cant download it ;-;

i had the same issue, try right-clicking on the download button and opening it in a new tab! should work hopefully c:

i tried that but it’s still not working, any ideas?

Hmm I’m not sure. It could be something to do with your browser. Maybe try in a different one and see if that works 🙂

Can someone please tell me how do I import new hairs/clothes? I did the download of the pack, and extract it, but what’s the proper folder?

The items it has are very limited for the characters I would like to make, and yes I’m a beginner ^^’

Hi hopefully i get this right?

I would make an overall folder called PMXE parts

there you could label your hair clothing shoes etc.

in those folders you could have sub folders

back hairs, front hairs, full hairs etc

its easiest to stay organized that way

To actually add the hair to a model, first you make a copy of everything you need

the hair model, and the hair tex, along with any sph and bmp files that come along

then you paste that into the folder where your model is

drag and drop the hair model to your already open base model

a box should come up

dont click anything but add

it should be automatically selected to new,

there i would move the hair model around to your liking

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Koikatu моды на прически

This repository contains a random assortment of plugins that modify the gameplay of Koikatu!

Go to releases and look for the latest release of the plugin you want. You can also compile it from source (instructions below).

Almost all plugins are installed in the same way. If there are any extra steps needed they will be added to the plugin descriptions below.

Simply clone this repository to your drive and use the free version of Visual Studio 2019 for C# to compile it. Hit build and all necessary dependencies should be automatically downloaded. Check the following links for useful tutorials. If you are having trouble or want to try to make your own plugin/mod, feel free to ask for help in modding channels of either the Koikatsu or IllusionSoft Discord servers.

Specific plugin descriptions

Koikatu Gameplay Mod

Plugin that tweaks and (hopefully) improves Koikatu gameplay.

Some of the features

Warning: Setting the character limit above 38 requires a large amount of RAM and will extend loading times. To load 99 characters the game will need approximately 10GB of free RAM (depending on the characters used). Warning: Compatibility with kPlug is shaky at best. You might be able to get both plugins to work at the same time but I can’t check the compatibility and I’m unable to fix any compatibility issues that aren’t caused by issues in this plugin.

KK_Pregnancy / Pregnancy mod

Plugin that adds pregnancy gameplay to the main game with related maker customization options. It can also show and change the characters’ menstruation schedules.

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Busting a nut inside on a dangerous day has a chance to make the girl pregnant. After a few days a pregnant status icon will appear on character lists and the girl will stop having dangerous days. Over the next x weeks (configurable in plugin settings) the belly will grow, and then the girl stop coming to school for some time (she will eventually return to normal).

The plugin can be configured in plugin settings and per-character in female chara maker. The default conception chance (fertility) is around 30% and can be changed per-character from main-menu maker (pregnancy settings cannot be changed from class maker to prevent cheating). Conception can be completely disabled per-character and globally.

Because the pregnant effect is made by manipulating bones, there are some limitations and potential issues. On some characters the effect might look bad, especially if they use many ABMX sliders around the belly area. Clothes that use skirt bones (skirts, dresses, etc.) can look glitchy, which is sadly unavoidable without tweaking each character manually in maker. Clothes that stick close to the body will work best.

Plugin that allows using of the orthographic (parallel projection) camera mode. Works in both Studio and main game/maker. (This is the effect that is used in isometric games like for example Diablo 2 and Fallout 2)

To toggle between perspective (normal) and orthographic camera mode press the I key (can be changed in settings) and then use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

Plugin that tweaks to how camera objects work in studio (the ones created by pressing the camera button). It makes the camera objects spawn at the position of the current camera view, instead of at the cursor, and it hides the spawned cameras by default (configurable in plugin settings).

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Plugin that darkens the map in Free H scenes set at night to something slightly more realistic. Configurable, can go down to horror levels of darkness.

Inspired by PHmod44_KK_Dark_Map_Ver mod, thanks to HCM06 for bringing it up.

This plugin adds a «warp to this character» button to the character roster in roaming mode (press middle mouse button and select the clipboard icon from the menu). You can also warp to the next story event (it will appear at the top center).

This plugin is a replacement/upgrade for KK_MoveMapFromCharaList. Compared to its precedesor, this plugin warps the player right next to the target, has a nicer icon that only appears if characters are on a different map than the player, and uses BepInEx5 instead of IPA.

Automatically adds crotch bulges to characters with fun sticks when they are wearing clothes. Can be configured globally, and per-character for when you want the bulge size to be just right.

A plugin for Koikatsu that lets you give characters lewd crests in character maker and in story mode. Many crests have actual gameplay effects, while others are only for flavor. All crests can be used in character maker and studio. There are 32 different crests at the moment.

Inspired by the original KK_LewdCrest plugin by picolet21. Crests were drawn and described by novaksus.


Mod that tweaks and (hopefully) improves Koikatu gameplay


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